The deep-seated conviction that gave rise to Chapter came from the experience of its founders, who have worked with numerous CEOs, senior managers and entrepreneurs over the years. They realized that the law can be a powerful lever for business growth and development, provided it is implemented with the same mindset as entrepreneurship.

At Chapter, we are convinced that all projects, whatever they may be, deserve to be supported by sound and appropriate legal advice. That’s why we place legal advice at the heart of entrepreneurial ambition, and are committed to providing our clients with independent, tailor-made expertise.

Chapter offers Entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior managers, seed capital, venture capital and development capital funds, and Family Offices legal advice in Business Law and litigation, to support them at all key stages of their development.

Our expertise in Business Law and litigation enables us to offer tailor-made solutions to meet their specific needs.

At Chapter, we believe that commitment and independence are the foundations of strong, lasting relationships with our clients. We leverage our experience and expertise to support their vision, ensuring they have access to every opportunity for success.


We strive to implement an effective employee relations policy within the firm, as this should be seen as a process accessible to all companies, whatever their size or sector of activity.

We are sensitive to social and environmental concerns on a daily basis, and work towards ever more ethical and responsible business practices. We also provide occasional pro bono support to young businesses and start-ups. And with respect to our team, we ensure that a common vision and values are shared, and we provide personal support to all team members in order to foster their development and progress.

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